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Wash your way to a softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E combine with skin-loving in our most irresistible, beautifully fragrance formula.

Warm Night for Women nourishes women's skin leaving smooth and moisturizers the skin. It has a lasting men scent. This shower gel has a rich tantalizing fragrance that leaves the skin moisturized, nourished and radiant. Enjoy in the shower or bath with this lather-rich, vitamin-rich silk glow shower gel, it gently cleanses, softens, and smoothens skin, leaving skin exclusive and refreshing fragrance.

Dear Body is a series of moisturizing, firming with long lasting fragrance and antioxidants to protect your skin while keeping it soft. It also features a powerful antioxidant blend that helps protect skin from environmental attack and a firming ingredient to help tone. 

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